As we move slowly out of the winter season into spring, some interesting visible sights begin to appear.The snow melts away and tiny shoots begin to rise out of the softened dirt, I especially love this time of year, the return of the sun!

The energy associated with this springtime movement is the Wood Element and Wood follows the Water Element(Winter).So we are now in early spring, or late winter…however you wish to see it.

In acupuncture we can often see manifestations that also parallel energy rising up like those little shoots..On a physical level some patients will present with sudden headaches, as the energy literally shoots up to the head.This is a common occurrence in the spring. We can help that.

Each element has an associated organ system corresponding to it and the Official which rules the spring is the Gall Bladder and the Liver. These two work arm and arm. On a psychological level, making decisions and executing them is their primary responsibilities in our daily life.

So I ask you, are you having difficulties making decisions or seeing which way to go? Or are you experiencing frequent headaches? It maybe time to have some springtime acupuncture.