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I never knew that acupuncture could work on me. I had sleep apnea problems for many months, to the point that going to sleep for me was such a struggle, that sleep was no longer a relaxation process, but a struggle and frustrating ordeal.

Nancy helped me with more than just breathing again, she gave me hope that I can now live a normal life again without going through painful and invasive procedures.Thank you Nancy, you`re a life saver.


Nancy in one word is, fantastic!! She takes the time to ask questions and get to know who you are. She’s able to shape how she treats you based on this information. I’ve only experienced acupuncture once before meeting Nancy. After my first session with Nancy I felt more alert, I had more energy and overall felt great. I’m hooked. I’ll continue to work with Nancy. She has been an awesome addition to my daily wellness routine. I’m fortunate to have found her. The timing couldn’t be better.
Laura Williamson

I received an acupuncture treatment twice so far from Nancy, and I can safely say she works MAGIC! After one session she seemed to cure the nausea and back pain that had been debilitating days prior, and the relief was both immediate and long-lasting. Nancy is a genuinely healer and she made every effort to ensure that I had a relaxing and healing experience. I feel so lucky I found her!

I was having debilitating hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia. Dr. Nancy Sposato cured me in 2 visits. Now I see her for everything. She always takes the time to listen, and tailors each treatment to what my body needs that day. I always leave her office full of energy and feeling terrific. I cannot recommend Dr. Sposato enough. She gave me back a normal life when I felt like I was losing control.

Theresa B.

I am, myself, a health care provider. I had experienced acupuncture at a health resort, at a time I was not having any specific problems, and found it an extremely pleasant experience. Several years later, when I began having difficulties with chronic back pain from degenerative arthritis associated with disc disease and mild spinal stenosis, I decided to pursue acupuncture therapy as a targeted treatment. I contacted a fellow physician, who is herself an acupuncturist, for a referral. Essentially I was seeking an acupuncturist’s acupuncturist! She referred me to Nancy and I couldn’t be happier with the recommendation.

Nancy Sposato is a true health care professional. She has what we all strive for; an ability to put her patients at ease while exuding the quiet confidence and technical skill of an accomplished practitioner. Her evaluation was thorough and her technique excellent. Not only did she help me tremendously with my back pain, but I left each session with an overall feeling of well-being that persisted well beyond the treatment periods. I have since referred a number of colleagues and fellow workers to Nancy, who have had similar experiences. I would recommend her highly and without reservation.

Bruce Auerbach, MD

Nancy Sposato is a dedicated practitioner who educates her clients and offers heartfelt support for making important lifestyle changes Time and time again, Nancy has reminded me of what I need to be doing, eating, and thinking about in order to stay healthy, (happy and sane, too).

The Five Element system she practices, and teaches to her clients, illuminates my life with wisdom and inspiration I can use everyday. She has given me so much in the time I have worked with her, she is honest and caring. I rely on her for her formidable healing skills and insight.

Susan M.

Nancy Sposato is down to earth but really skilled in the art of acupuncture. I feel like I’m in good, competent hands!
David E.

Gentle, knowledgeable, dedicated to her patients’ well being and deeply committed to the healing power of acupuncture, Nancy Sposato has been very helpful to me over the time I’ve worked with her. Nancy is also very knowledgeable about Chinese herbal medicine. Her caring and skill make even the acupuncture-shy feel trust in the effectiveness of the treatment.
Martha Bullock

Nancy Sposato is a sensitive and insightful acupuncture practitioner. I came to her with back pain and stress. Her accurate diagnosis, compassion and excellent listening skills, combined with her ability to address the issues accurately left me feeling much better. At the end of the session, I experienced less physical pain and a greater sense of calm and ease. I recommend her to anyone seeking for pain relief and greater balance in their life.
Linda G.

Nancy Sposato is gentle, professional, compassionate and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her!
Peggy L.

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