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COVID-19 Safety Protocol

What to expect with your acupuncture treatment

  • Please send me a text when you arrive 617-388-1171 (I will reply and meet you at the door.)
  • I will take your forehead temperature.
  • Please wash your hands when you enter, then come into the treatment room.
  • Please keep a face mask on while in the room.
  • Do not show up for your appointment if you have any symptoms of the flu, or a cold, for the past 2 weeks. Or if you have been traveling out of the U.S.
  • ALL cell phones must be on silent during the treatment*
  • Refrain from any perfumes or fragrances while in the office.

Thank you !

And finally, as per state regulations, you must fill out your history in advance.

Please print and fill out this Health History Form upon arrival at Infinity Acupuncture: 

About Nancy Sposato

Nancy Sposato Lic. Board Certified Acupuncturist, is a dedicated healer whose mission is to help empower people to fullfill their best life possible.

Since 1995 she has treated and resolved health issues ranging from stress, back pain, menopause to labor and delivery. She has also assisted with detox treatments in Womens Detention Center, MD.

I am here to help you see the changes that are possible.

I have helped women and men just like you resume normal lives without symptoms or signals. SIGNALS are messages from the body that are wake up calls.

You would perform maintenance checks on your car as well as tune ups. You also require tune ups. If your engine light comes on it’s time to get it serviced, this is a SIGNAL.

I can help you to see where it is that you most likely need assistance with. Often seeing ourselves, and our problems can be difficult and overwhelming. Assisting you in your journey to wellness is my primary goal. It IS possible to move through the pain and suffering to freedom. I will be there to see you turn the corner and come out of the habitual chronic state of pain.

Get started now by downloading your Health History Form so that I know exactly how to give you the best possible treatment.

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